Current research topic: Lean management in variant-rich prototype and small series production

An approach to redesigning and efficiently aligning the existing production system in the foundry sector of NRU GmbH.

Small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have lean and transparent production systems; processes and values have often developed and grown over time. NRU GmbH is faced with the challenge of expanding its production to meet the growing demands of the future.
The existing production hall is to be designed efficiently according to the aspects of lean management and the design rules of modern factory planning. The object of the work is to examine the lean idea with regard to the variant-rich prototype and small series production and to establish it in the company. Taking these principles into account, the layout of the production hall is to be re-planned accordingly and higher productivity is to be achieved in the company. Core elements such as standardisation and the continuous improvement process are to be the basic framework of an efficient production line in order to minimise the currently too high throughput times in the company and to be able to react flexibly to customer wishes. The complexity of the products, their project character and the different production steps necessary for implementation mean that the lean idea is not easily applicable to companies in the field of prototype production or small series production.
Therefore, within the framework of a master’s thesis, the state of the art should be summarised, discussed and adapted so that an applicable production system can be installed for NRU GmbH that makes the production process more standardised, efficient and predictable.