Innovation manager strengthens the NRU GmbH team

Mr Stefan Brautzsch

Mr Stefan Brautzsch has joined the NRU GmbH team with the support of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Free State of Saxony. Mr Brautzsch will complement our team as an innovation manager and focus on the topic:

“Innovation Industry 4.0 – digitalisation of the manufacturing process to open up new market and customer segments”.

implement. As part of this project, the manufacturing process along the value chain will be analysed and significant influencing variables will be digitally recorded. The recording of these quality-relevant parameters enables targeted statistical process analyses and results in a consistently high quality of our products. The individual work packages are subdivided into the following focal points:

  1. Potential analysis for information recording and storage
  2. Transfer of a technical system integration into the process landscape of NRU GmbH
  3. Information and potential analysis of the integration of external knowledge carriers
  4. Realisation of product and process innovations with subsequent implementation of the human-machine interface.

The work packages are integrated into the lean conception of the production process. The aim is to further systematically minimise the throughput time of production and to increase the absolute production capacity. This additionally takes into account the strategic orientation towards small series (aluminium casting, steel casting, special materials) with larger order quantities and the casting of prototypes up to single-part production.