Investment in measuring arm with optical and tactile measurement

Since May 2016, a 3D measuring arm has been available for component measurement. Increased demands on the accuracy of highly complex components, especially in the automotive industry, require increasingly precise measurement technology. Tolerance management and optical metrology are fundamental components of quality assurance, especially for near-series zero and small batch production. For this purpose, an efficient measuring system is now available which has a high degree of operability and is versatilely available in the environment of the production chain. Optical metrology in particular enables the holistic and precise observation of individual areas in the entire process chain.

This now makes it possible to analyse form and position tolerances in individual production areas and enables continuous monitoring of model and form tolerances.

The use of such measuring technology requires trained personnel who know the limits and tolerance ranges for implementation and know how to apply them. With a training course lasting several days, our employees were optimally prepared for this and can now use the integration of the new measuring technology.