Rapid.Tech 2017 in Erfurt

Rapid.Tech 2017 in Erfurt (Foto: Messe Erfurt)

As one of the pioneers at Rapid.Tech, we are pleased to note that the fair is growing in size every year, with both exhibitor and visitor numbers increasing. And we are pioneers not only in the sense of having participated in the fair for many years, but also because of the manufacturing technologies we offer. In addition to the already established as well as the newly founded 3D printing service providers, we represent with the classic investment casting technology a manufacturing process that has been used in all industries for decades. With the experience in investment casting and a combination of printed models made of wax or plastic, many trade visitors are also surprised by the fine thin-walled structures that can be produced in this process. In addition, in contrast to 3D printing, we are not limited in our choice of materials and can cast all materials in the investment casting process, from aluminium materials to special materials to the wide variety of stainless steels.

The rapid production by means of 3D printing processes is advertised as another big plus. However, in the sector of printing metal materials, it is apparent that the installation space of the systems is still very limited and that, as a result, the time advantage is lost in the production of quantities of 3 or more and the classic technologies are overtaken. NRU GmbH produces castable bunches within 48 hours using a fully automated shell production system. The combination with printing processes for pattern production further accelerates the overall manufacturing process and demonstrates the existing competitiveness in terms of quality, production time and manufacturing costs.

We look back on a successful trade fair in Erfurt and would like to thank all customers and visitors to our stand.

The NRU GmbH team