Visit by Neukirchen Mayor Sascha Thamm to the NRU GmbH site

Mayor Sascha Thamm (left), Managing Director Dr Tobias Schubert (right)

As part of the industrial initiative of the municipality of Neukirchen and on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of NRU GmbH at the Neukirchen site, the mayor, Mr S. Thamm, and the management of NRU GmbH, Dr T. Schubert, got to know each other on 3 May 2017, followed by an informative exchange on politically and industrially relevant topics.

During a tour of the company’s production facilities, the history of 3D printing as well as the many years of experience in this field were discussed. In addition, Mr Thamm was able to gain an impression of the innovative technologies for ceramic shell production and LEAN production in the investment casting process. In addition, regional issues such as networking with local institutions, the development of a high-speed internet connection, the connection to local public transport and the cooperation of the companies located in the industrial estate were discussed.

NRU GmbH would like to thank the participants for the constructive discussion and looks forward to the coming joint projects.