Investment casting: challenges simply “DISSOLVE” – with salt

The more complex and undercut modern castings become, the more difficult it is in the end to remove the mold material from the depths of the casting. Many foundrymen are aware of this problem and try to guarantee the absence of molding material expected by the customer by means of camera support using endoscopy. Just imagine what would happen if ceramic crumbs came out of the turbocharger during operation of an internal combustion engine.

Increased efficiency and sustainability are on everyone’s lips and lead to increasingly sophisticated and complex components that “should” find their first realization in prototype foundries like NRU GmbH. Occasionally, an SME reaches its limits in terms of both manufacturing technology and the personnel available to work on a solution. For example, the molding material had to be completely removed from the undercut contours and complex channels after casting.

The courage to ask questions is the key and at the same time it was the beginning of an intensive cooperation when NRU turned to Fraunhofer IWU and the innovation network INOCEM with this problem.

This contribution to the webinar series “Production in Dialog” is about the success story of a cooperation between NRU GmbH and the ZIM network INOCEM and thus also the Fraunhofer IWU.

-> Kurzvorstellung von Inocem − International Network of Cellular Metals

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