September 2020 – Commissioning of the extended workbench in the segment of investment casting for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Expansion of NRU GmbH’s production capacities is thus fully available. By expanding capacities, we increase our production portfolio and competitiveness both in the prototype business from the number of pieces one up to small series orders.

August 2020 – Handover of the management and the company to Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schubert

With the realignment of the ownership structure, NRU GmbH is repositioned and thus placed on a new solid, future-oriented foundation.

2019 Handover of management to Marco Kuhfuß

2018 Investment in an autoclave unit

  • Increase in production capacity
  • Avoidance of shell cracks
  • Increase in casting quality

2018 Investment in new equipment

2017 Investment in new degassing unit for melts up to 80 kg

  • Increase in component weight
  • Increase in melt quality
  • Increase in casting quality

2017 Investment in new resistance-heated melting unit for non-ferrous metals

2016 Investment in new induction melting unit

  • Increase in production capacity
  • Increase in casting quality
  • Increase in maximum component weight

2016 Handover of management to Dr Tobias Schubert

2016 Investment in optical measuring methods for quality assurance

  • Surface scan of the components/open moulds

2015 Extension of value chain through in-house CNC machining

  • Shortening of production times

2010 Expansion of the production area

2006 Move to newly constructed production building

1999 Company transformation into a limited liability company, first certification according to ISO 9001

1993 Installation of 3D printing (STL) at the site

NRU GmbH was founded in 1992 as NRU Präzisionstechnologie GbR by the three partners Dr. Jürgen Jahn, Dr. Ludwig Kant and Dr. Hubert Zeidler. In 1999 the company was renamed NRU Präzisionstechnologie GmbH and in 2007 the company name was changed to NRU GmbH. NRU GmbH is based in Neukirchen near Chemnitz (Saxony).

The objective when the company was founded was to combine classic manufacturing processes, such as investment casting, with new developments from the field of rapid prototyping, such as stereolithography, and thus to enable the effective production of investment castings in small quantities.

From this, the three current main business areas have developed: Investment Casting – Rapid Prototyping – Plastic Vacuum Casting. Our first company headquarters is still known to many of our customers as the “Kindergarten” – a former nursery.

Since the end of 2006, our company has been located in a modern office and production building in the industrial area of Neukirchen in the Ore Mountains.

The production area covers approx. 1500 square metres. We have our most important customers in many different sectors, such as the automotive industry, the electrical industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing.

In 2013, the course was set for the generation change in the company. Since the end of 2013, there has been a successor from each of the founding families. This should ensure the future success and continuity of our company.

Evolution of the use of models: Classically manufactured versus 3D printing