The quality of our products has the highest priority for us, which is why we document and evaluate every process step. Even at the customer enquiry stage, attention is paid to special test features and these are monitored and tested throughout the process. A complete marking of the components is carried out at every stage of production in order to record and archive all manufacturing and product-related data. Of course, all our tests are carried out by qualified and experienced employees.

Visual inspection

A basic procedure for determining the quality of our castings is the visual inspection in accordance with DIN EN 13018. This is carried out after each production step to check the components for surface defects such as cracks, blowholes, gas porosity or non-metallic inclusions.

Dimensional inspection

Zur Prüfung der Maßtoleranzen laut VDG Merkblatt P690 werden unserer Gussteile einer Maßuntersuchung mittels eines 3D-Laserscanners oder auch konventioneller Messmittel unterzogen. Damit stellen wir sicher, dass die norm- und kundenspezifischen Vorgaben eingehalten werden.

Taktile Vermessung eines Bauteils

Leak test

If the pressure tightness of a casting is required by the customer, we can gladly determine this by means of a leak test up to 5 bar under water.

Dye penetrant test

On request, we are happy to test our castings for surface defects such as micro-cracks, pores or flaws using the red-white test.

X-ray inspection

To identify volume defects and to check the general quality and homogeneity of a casting, we carry out radiographic tests. Cracks, pores and other volume defects are thus localised in the component.

Chemical analysis

To ensure the high quality of our materials and thus of our components, the alloys used are subjected to chemical analysis. In this way, we reliably determine the weight percentages of the individual alloy components.

Hardness test

On request, we measure the hardness of our metallic materials according to DIN EN ISO 6506 according to Brinell. This is used for quick and easy characterisation of mechanical properties of materials and components.