Prototypes in the stereolithography process are excellently suited for product development due to their fine resolution and surface quality. With its high precision, variable component sizes and ultra-fine layer thicknesses, the stereolithography process is excellently suited for individual parts and master models.

Using a UV laser beam, liquid photopolymer is partially cured according to the 3D data set. The unexposed resin then remains in the construction space and can be reused for later construction processes. This construction method allows layer thicknesses of 100 µm, for very filigree contours also down to 50 µm. This guarantees high accuracy and low deviations. The system installation space is 400 x 350 x 250 mm, but if you need larger components, please contact us and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

Parts from the stereolithography process can be excellently reworked; depending on the requirements, the parts can be lacquered, polished or chrome-plated. Here, both high-gloss surfaces and structures can be represented on request.

SOMOS 7120

  • low moisture absorption
  • high heat resistance
  • high rigidity, high accuracy
  • therefore extremely thin wall thicknesses can be realised
  • good machinability (sanding, painting)

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