From the idea to the 3D CAD model

Are you planning components for investment or vacuum casting and have no 3D data? Feel free to discuss your idea, your sketches or samples with us. We will design your new development for you in our CAD software Solid Works and create a 3D model as a CAD data set. This is the basis for all manufacturing processes and mechanical processing in our company.

You already have CAD data of your components and would like to make changes to the component? We will support you with the necessary adjustments and revise your components according to your wishes and quality requirements. If you wish, we can also plan several variants for you. We clarify your change requests in a discussion and incorporate them into the 3D model.

Do you need support in designing your components for casting? Together with you, we will discuss critical areas on your components which either cannot be realised in terms of production technology or only at a high risk.  Due to many years of experience, our employees have the necessary competence in the production-appropriate design of castings and discuss the possible and necessary changes with you. The modified component areas are mechanically processed in our company after production or left as they are in consultation with you.

You want to transfer your 3D data? It is best to provide us with your existing data in STEP or IGES format. If you want to transfer larger data volumes, we will provide you with a directory on our FTP server on request.

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