The lost wax process is a standard procedure in investment casting.

For the production of wax models, model waxes are cast into silicone moulds using the vacuum casting process. As the complexity of the components increases, the wax models are preferably manufactured in several parts and assembled to form the finished wax model in compliance with our high quality standards. The individual models are then combined to form a model cluster. Afterwards, the mould shell is produced by dipping it into a ceramic mass and then sanding it. This process is repeated until the shell is sufficiently thick. After melting out the patterns, a cavity is created, which determines the geometry of the casting. After firing the model shell, the casting screw is directly available for casting.

Another way in which wax patterns are used is the compact moulding process. In this process, the wax models are placed in a flask and a plaster-like mass is poured around them under vacuum. During the subsequent firing of the mould, the model wax is melted out and the mould is directly ready for casting.

After casting, the ceramic is removed mechanically. The components are cleaned and mechanically processed if necessary.

We support you with our know-how both in the selection of the suitable process and in the fast and cost-effective production of highly complicated model and casting geometries.

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