Vacuum casting is a successor process to additive manufacturing technologies. It enables the production of complex geometries based on 3D-printed master models. With the 2K-PUR casting resin systems, small series with quantities of 5 to 200 pieces can be realised. The spectrum of material properties and surfaces ranges from high-gloss, transparent, flame-retardant to structured. Also, 2-component and multi-component castings are possible, which means that components with different Shore hardnesses can be produced. The manufacturing process makes it possible to produce components that do not differ from series parts in terms of surface, precision and feel.

In vacuum casting, additively produced master models are duplicated using silicone tools. Here, the filling of the tool cavity in special vacuum casting chambers is achieved with the help of gravity and vacuum. The casting of threaded inserts and/or soft components is possible without any problems. Different coloured components based on RAL, Pantone or colour samples can be represented.


The production of plastic parts in our company is done by vacuum casting in silicone moulds. In this process, casting resins based on polyurethane (PU) are processed. For special applications, we can also produce parts from silicone. Below are some typical material properties from which we can determine the specific material. We will be happy to provide you with data sheets on request.

  • Shore hardness
    • Shore A approx. 13 to 90
    • Shore D approx. 75 to 80
  • Colours
    • similar to RAL colour chart
    • transparent
    • according to colour sample
  • Temperature/UV resistance
    • permanent ambient temperature up to 195 °C
    • Resistance to UV light
  • Skin compatibility
    • special silicones for medical products

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