From old part to new part

You have an older component and need a replacement or a remanufacture for it? In such cases, there are often no 3D data or only old paper drawings. Perhaps the drawings have also been lost. We can help you with our reverse engineering.

Depending on the data available, we create a 3D model from your drawing or use our optical scanner to record the data of the old part. With the help of reverse engineering, we are able to digitise even complicated bodies with free-form surfaces in a very short time. This gives you an exact 3D representation of your component. In addition, it is also possible to implement constructive changes. With the 3D data created, you can, for example, initiate an FEM calculation and use these findings to mitigate areas that are susceptible to cracking. Or maybe you just need an additional flange on your component. Our CAD department will be happy to support you in creating or modifying your 3D data sets.

If you have any questions about reverse engineering or need an offer for it, we would be happy to be your partner.

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