A standard process in investment casting is the lost wax process. This requires wax patterns of the highest accuracy and surface quality. In order to meet these high demands, we use the vacuum casting process for production. The model wax is cast in silicone moulds under vacuum. The flexibility of the moulds offers further advantages. For example, small undercuts can be directly demoulded and the moulding bevels can be omitted. Wax models with a very high degree of complexity are preferably produced in several parts and assembled to the finished wax model in compliance with our high quality standards. The final finishing ensures that the dimensional tolerances and the high surface quality are maintained. Our experience enables us to produce highly complex model geometries quickly and cost-effectively.

The models produced in this way are then used in the compact moulding process or shell moulding process, depending on the casting material and requirements. After casting, the components are fettled and mechanically machined if required.

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