Corporate philosophy

We, the team of NRU GmbH, manufacture prototypes and small series from printed synthetic resin to finely cast components with mechanical processing. In doing so, we are guided by the following values:

Employees: Our employees are the most valuable resource of our company. That is why trust and mutual respect are very important in our team. It is important to us that our employees continuously improve their qualifications and develop their individual skills. The fact that every employee can contribute ideas and problems can be addressed openly is the basis of our cooperation. The more efficient our employees, the more efficient our company.

Customer orientation: Our customers are the focus of our efforts. Our goal is to actively take up the wishes and demands of our customers and to realise them as quickly as possible. We see ourselves as a service provider with high quality standards for highly complex components.

Quality claim: We pursue a zero-defect strategy. Despite small batch sizes and widely varying customer requirements, we strive to manufacture each component in accordance with its requirements and to test it by means of quality assurance measures. This ensures that our customers only receive parts that meet their requirements.

Product responsibility: A sustainable, ecological and resource-saving production process is a matter of course for us – from the purchase of goods to the dispatch to our customers. Each employee takes responsibility for his or her production process and the value added to the product, checks on his or her own responsibility and understands the subsequent process as a company-internal customer.

We contribute a value-added part to society and with our lived values we are an attractive employer for motivated and talented workers.

N – NACHHALTIG produzieren



In order to meet the current challenges on the market, NRU GmbH has restructured and reoriented itself. A new management team has been formed around Managing Director Dr Tobias Schubert, with the aim of bundling and developing energy in the areas of sales/marketing, production and quality to a greater extent in the future.

Antje Weber

Head of Sales/Marketing
+49 371 28155 23

Conny Glowa

Quality management
+49 371 28155 16

Introduce yourself briefly. What should people know about you?

Antje Weber: “For more than 15 years I have been working successfully in the sales of technical products and consulting-intensive services. I work exclusively in the project business, primarily in prototype and series production, and develop individual solutions together with the customers.“

Conny Glowa: „In my 13 years with NRU, I have become familiar with all the company processes down to the last detail: from administration to production to quality assurance, I am very familiar with all the processes. I have gained a foothold in production measurement technology and a wide range of testing procedures and, as a control body, I know the strengths and potential of the company.”

What can we expect from you in the future, where does your focus lie?

Antje Weber: “Customer-oriented thinking is the central point of my actions. This includes objective advice, a well thought-out range of services and a competent contact person throughout the entire project.“

Conny Glowa: „With the courage to change and confidence to act hand in hand with production in the interests of our customers, with a targeted eye for constant optimisation and thus ensuring product quality are my top priorities.“

What added value does your customer benefit from? What would you say differentiates you from other companies?

Antje Weber: “For me, working together as partners is the most important thing. We listen, take time for the client’s concerns and develop solutions together with them against the background of a price-conscious design.“

Conny Glowa: „We aim to meet our customers’ requirements competently and to a high standard of quality. Our common goal is a lasting business relationship as a result of customer satisfaction.“

What three character traits do you bring to the table that will help you in your role?

(Describe yourself in three Give three powerful arguments why customers should trust you).



“Your perceived problem is our challenge – let’s tackle it together!”

Our new strengthened team will be very happy to support you in your plans and projects with full power and professional advice.
We thank you for your trust!