Casting-technological production of open-cell metal structures: A vision becomes reality!

The manufacturing processes for producing open-cell metal structures are currently at an uneconomical level and are only realised to a limited extent despite increasing demand. To overcome this hurdle, research and development measures are necessary that cannot be practically implemented by individual, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. This is where NRU GmbH and the INOCEM network come in and coordinate the joint further development and combination of specialist knowledge. In this way, the partners involved are networked, synergy effects are harnessed and a significant further development of the technology and the companies is made possible.

NRU GmbH and the “INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF CELLULAR METALS” will accumulate, further develop and adapt the know-how along the manufacturing chain for the production of open-cell metal structures to market needs and thus create technological added value for the joint conception, research, development and realisation of system-integrable technological manufacturing solutions with the following orientations:

  • Application-oriented technical-technological realisation of open-cell metal structures in conjunction with peripheral processes of processing through to production of parts.
  • Deriving system-integrable solutions for machines and factory systems.

The following fields of action result from these approaches:

Field of action I (process):
Development and optimisation of manufacturing processes for open-cell metals on the basis of
ecological and economic aspects, covering the entire vertical range of manufacture from the
from the raw materials and the definition of the geometry, to the implementation of the manufacturing process, to the recycling
aspects of the end products and consumables during production.

Field of action II (application):
Establishment and development of system-integrative solutions for the use of cellular metals. This
includes both the determination of parameters and the recording of potential pricing, as well as the
application development. Through the participation of potential users already in the
design processes and geometry design, the requirements and evaluations flow into all process stages of the research and development.
all process stages of the research and development projects and thus have a direct influence on the series production.
and thus have a direct influence on the near-series and industrial feasibility of all sub-steps.

Here are some examples of metal foams

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